In the days since the phrase “Trump-ed up, Trickle Down” has taken on a more literal meaning, the president-elect’s team has been swift and thorough in their response.  Well, sort of.  After BuzzFeed released an unverified report that alleged Trump had engaged in all sorts of naughtiness while in Russia, he sent out the following tweet:


Before I address the broader implications of drawing comparisons between the US and Nazi Germany, I want to point out two things: first, why is Trump tweeting about Nazi Germany at 7:48am?  Like, did he wake up, have a nice breakfast with the family, and then immediately transition to “Nazi talk?”  And second, does he realize who he is in his analogy?  If we’re living in Nazi Germany, then Trump is the incoming leader, bringing new ideas about governance to a supposedly broken system.  Not a comparison I’d be making.

More significantly, Trump’s jab “diminishes the horror of the Holocaust” as the Anti-Defamation League noted, and trivializes the suffering of those who actually lived under the Third Reich.  And when analyzing the comparison more carefully, it becomes even more troubling.  Professor Berg mentioned in lecture that Nazi Germany is synonymous with pure evil, so likening the US to the regime implies that it is similarly malevolent.  This is important because something that is purely evil can’t be fixed or reformed, but rather has to be destroyed.  Set to become the next president in less than a week, the insinuations of Trump’s comparison, whether intentional or not, carry extreme significance.

WJLA, ABC’s local affiliate in Washington, D.C., reported earlier today that employees at the site of Trump’s inauguration were seen covering the name of the port-a-potty supplier, Don’s Johns, in blue tape.  For now, however, maybe Trump should focus less on distancing himself from Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, and more on avoiding references to Nazi Germany.

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