In order to win the election in 1919, all parties tried to appeal to women. After all, they were the new huge voting source after the constitution granted them the right to vote. Women and their desires were put at the front of parties’ campaigns. Throughout US history, since women’s suffrage, the same has been true. Parties recognized the importance of the vote of women, and tried to appeal to them. In modern times, many Republicans stand their ground on being pro-life.  To many women, that is a huge slap in the face and tells them that they do not feel women should be allowed to be in control of their own bodies, however other women do not feel this way, which is why their are women on both sides of this debate. In this election, I do not understand how many women still supported, our current president, Donald Trump. Since when did it become not only acceptable, but supported to act degrading towards women? Trump made remarks about Megyn Kelly, Arianna Huffington, Rosie O’Donnell, about a breastfeeding mother, about Hillary Clinton, about sexual assault in the military, about Carly Fiorina, about his own daughter Ivanka, about Paris Hilton, and about female reporters were all things I found vulgar, and unacceptable. Why did Trump think he could run a campaign where he constantly talked about women’s’ appearances and what he found to be their inabilities. While other candidates used to hold women and their vote on a pedestal, he did exactly the opposite. I think it is really upsetting that he ended up with the victory after all of that, and makes me think we as Americans need to take a look at our country and try to remember what we stand for. In Weimar Germany, their parties were vying for the support of women, in modern day American, the candidate who won could not care less about offended women around his country. There is something seriously wrong with that.