The Left: The Social Democrats and the Communists. The Right: The German Nationalist Party and the National Socialist Party. Who posed the real threat to the Weimar Coalition and the republic? I agree with Weitz assessment that the Right was the biggest threat. The parties of the right were strongly nationalistic and did not support social welfare programs, labor unions and progressive taxation. I believe the right was much more radical. Political violence was not uncommon from either the right or the left parties. As Gumbel states, “354 murders by the right and 22 by the left” (Gumbel, 101). The main difference that Gumbel brings to awareness is that the left has union training while the right does not. The left thinks in terms of mass action while the right thinks in terms of heroism. I think this is where the biggest difference falls. The left is much less radical and does not take action by murder. Also, as Gumbel says when talking about a left-wing murderer, “The judge, who himself belongs to the former upper classes, has an age-old familiarity with the thought that this economic order must be defended” (Gumbel, 104). The left was so much less radical than the right because half of them supported the republic. They also had union training which preached to them mass action. Violence against the opposition wasn’t going to get them change, especially if the right would retaliate ten-fold. Also, the punishments for the left were much more severe because generally the judges were from the right wing. They were trying to keep what they thought to be an acceptable social order. Before the war, the right were of the upper strata and concerned with keeping the status quo. The right is concerned with maintaining and to use whatever means possible to get their way. The political violence committed by the right reinforces this view. Their measures are much more drastic because that’s how they believe their fight should be fought, with murder and other severe actions. Their economic order dependson it. The right believed that change would come only by defeating its oppositions leaders. I think this is partly why they were such a large threat. They weren’t afraid to kill leaders in order to get what they wanted. Violence was as common for them as not getting enough food to eat. Which I think was a triggering factor for the right. In his article “Overwrought Nerves” Friedrich Kroner emphasizes the hardships that German citizens had to deal with on a daily basis. “Rice, 80,000 marks a pound yesterday, costs 160,00 marks today, and tomorrow perhaps twice as much” (Kroner, 63).To combat these horrible situations the right felt the need to try and diminish any power which other political parties had so that the needs of the right were closer to being met. Violence was the answer to their problems.