Both Ivan Goll and Adolf Hitler identified significant cultural differences between different races. To Hitler, the Aryan race was the only race that had produced any great works of art or civilization, unlike the Jews, who had only stolen the cultural contributions of white people instead of creating works of their own. Goll, on the other hand, noted how the vitality and energy of African dancers was quite different from anything seen in Europe at the time, although this description implies a view of black people as primitive and closer to nature that was prevalent in scientific racism.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler linked cultural and scientific contributions and progress with race to conclude that the white race was superior, as according to him, they had been responsible for the vast majority of all of these things. The Aryan “would undoubtedly rate first” in any measure of cultural superiority, as “he established the foundations and walls of all human progress”. Hitler, like many others, viewed Jews as a race, instead of a religion. Jews had no culture; no great works of art of their own, instead, speaking the language and following the architectural and musical traditions of the dominant group in society, all the while working to undermine racial purity and the national economy. If different racial groups were allowed to mix, the Aryan race would lose “the power of resistance inherent in pure blood”, and this would lead to “physical and spiritual regression”.

Goll, in The Negroes Are Conquering Europe, highlighted Social Darwinian ideas of the differences between races to do with culture and artistic ability. Goll does credit Africans for reintroducing spirited, energetic art to Europe, while Europeans only were producing art concerning “disintegration of the ego; disintegration of the world; despair over the world and the ego”. While Europeans “can only dance with their minds”, Africans on the other hand “dance with their legs, breasts, and bellies”. It is “life, sun, primeval forests, the singing of birds and the roar of a leopard, earth.” To Goll, Africans lack a more refined intellect that whites possess that would allow them to grasp more of the world’s problems. Instead, they only view the world through the eyes of animals, only relying on animalistic, primal instinct. Goll has a deep level of admiration for the art that African people produce with their bodies, but he predicts that “these primeval people will be used up fast”, having little capacity for art of their own intellectual creation. While having respect for their culture, he believes that it is still inferior.

Through the writings of Hitler and Goll, race is defined as not a social construct, but a biological truth. White Europeans have more inherent capacity to create great works of art and culture, using their minds and intellect. Africans and Jews, on the other hand, do not. Jews must thieve and steal from superior groups, while Africans have only their bodies. Even though Hitler and Goll have different attitudes towards different races, it is implied in both excerpts that white people are the superior “species”, and must not be subjected to any sort of intermingling of races, as it would degrade culture and destroy racial purity.