President Trump made international headlines in January by signing an Executive Order banning nationals (with some exceptions) from an explicit list of Muslim-majority countries from immigrating to the United States. The stated goal of the Executive Order was to prevent Radical Islamic Terrorists with the intent of killing American citizens from infiltrating the United States. It goes without saying that protecting the lives of Americans is a laudable goal, but this Executive Order will actually work against its implicit objective. The Executive Order works under the assumption that a relatively large percentage of these immigrants would attempt to commit terror attacks. However, a variety of think tanks, both liberal and conservative, have done extensive research that suggests that immigrants actually commit violent crimes (of which terrorism is included) at a much lower rate than people born in the US. Furthermore, the threat of individuals or families posing as refugees has often been described by President Trump in speeches both on the campaign trail and in office. However, all evidence suggests that the threat of terror attacks on US soil from refugees is negligible. According to a comprehensive study by the Cato Institute, no person accepted to the United States as a refugee has been implicated in a major fatal terrorist attack since the Refugee Act of 1980 set up systematic and standardized procedures for vetting and then accepting refugees into the US (Note that this excludes attacks in which people were injured but not killed). The greatest threat of the Executive Order comes from the fact that Muslims could potentially feel victimized and targeted by the American government, which has the potential to radicalize them. People who would otherwise be peaceful, both American and foreign, could feel real and powerful feelings of anger towards the US for what they view as an anti-Muslim policy which may incite them to become violent. In other words, the Executive Order could actually create terrorists capable of attacking American targets rather than stopping them. It seems abundantly clear that that President Trump’s Executive Order is an absolute danger to the safety and freedom of the American people.