Why shouldn’t we trust what politicians are saying? When someone says something I take it to be true and hold them to their word. It’s for this reason I have to vehemently denounce the current President and why I don’t understand how many supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

This week’s reading by Maschmann provides incite for why many would support his movement. While it seems neither her or her family at first supported the Nazis, they did support the party once they were in power. The author came from a conservative family who denounced the socialists as everyday people who should not be getting involved in politics. Maschmann and her family were raised to believe in the right side of the political spectrum which called for nationalism and conservatism. They became Nazis after seeing the national pride in their victory and the sweeping away of Germany’s problems. However, moral people should have been able to hear the cries to dismantle the opposition and potentially kill millions at the Nazi’s earliest gatherings. No matter the pride at a rally, this hate should have been more prevalent.

From the beginning Hitler preached hate. I would like to think  that many Conservatives in Germany never stopped seeing this hate, never turned a blind eye to this hate, and never followed Hitler. Conservatism is a legitimate ideology that has a just cause and reasoning. Today in America you can be a conservative, make a case for your argument, but the ideology behind Donald Trump goes too far. His calls for banning Muslims and building walls are just too far and dismantle the ideology and preach hate. That is when it is not ok to get behind. No matter the nationalist feelings we all have to see through that and see the hate, and stop the hate.