On Saturday night, President Donald Trump gave a campaign rally style speech in which he bragged about various accomplishments the executive branch achieved a month into his presidency, defended actions he had taken, and spoke about future plans for the United States. Though the speech was presented as a quasi-State of the Union address, the event was, in reality, an oppourtunity for President Trump to feed his massive ego by having thousands of people cheer for him and policies.

The President is perpetually lamenting about the negative state of the country and the world. He points to issues with global terrorism, weak national borders, the American economy, and what he perceives to be “Fake News” outlets that act as “the enemy of the American People”. With that group of major problems (both real and conceived) facing the United States and the world, it would very comforting if the most powerful person on Earth tried to learn about them and solve them to the best of his ability instead of holding rallies just to hear people cheer for him.