When I look at how Hitler rose to power, I see a man that played to people’s fears while, in the worst way possible, creating inspiration and hope to the people. He rose to power only because of his ability inspire. Based on recent events, I’ve now notice how leaders are now being elected based on their ability to inspire rather than their credentials, moral aptitude or reasonability of their ideas. Of course all of those traits are incredibly important in judging a candidate, but ultimately what I think pushes people to pull the lever for their candidate is how much they’re inspired by said candidate. Being a promiser of change is what made Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump so popular. Presidents throughout our history like Obama, Reagan, Kennedy and FDR were elected because of their ability to inspire and promise change. Being a promiser of change is what got Hitler to the highest position in the German government and allowed him to install an authoritarian government with little resistance. He promised change and he offered inspiration to a people in desperate need for some. However this inspiration was the worst kind. He blamed Germany’s problems on outsiders like Britain, France, Socialists, and Jews. He promised to restore German pride through eliminating the weak links of their society and standing up to the bullies of the West.

No one can doubt Hitler’s capabilities as an orator. It’s likely why he was so able to so effectively sell the completely contradictory vision of National Socialism. Once he sold this vision to the German people, they became ardent believers because for so many years, they witnessed a frail Weimar government locked in gridlock and unable to solve any of the pertinent issues facing the German proletariat. I don’t believe many people in good conscience thought Hitler was a good man with good intentions. I think the people were so fed up with the current state of affairs that they were willing to give Hitler a chance because he made bold proclamations for change. That brings me back to my original point. Hitler, without his inability to inspire, never becomes the German Chancellor. But because he made bold yet reckless promises that gave the people hope that there was a better future ahead, he became Chancellor.