Of all the myths that we’ve encountered throughout the system, like the ‘stab-in-the-back’ legend to the ‘new woman’, the ‘Hitler Myth’ seems to be the most ridiculous. Ridiculous in a sense that the German population was clearly convinced that this man was going to be the answer to all of Germany’s problem. Hitler’s charismatic demeanor was his greatest weapon. The main components of the ‘Hitler Myth’, according to Ian Kershaw, were Hitler’s charismatic leadership and his success in foreign policy and the military. These were some of the reasons why it was so undeniably easy to believe that Hitler was going to be the savior of Germany. This myth was created out of propoganda. In an excerpt from Ian Kershaw he says, “‘By the time the Allied bombing raids and German defeats in Russia had begun to deflate this myth, the Führer was already the prisoner of his own propaganda image. Convinced of his own infallibility, Hitler plunged Germany into absolute defeat and collapse” (Kershaw, 197). The majority of Germans were under the influence that Hitler was going to right all the wrongs of Germany and bring them to economic prosperity. His image was depicted through propaganda as being almost god-like in that he had the power to change every aspect of German lives. Hitler’s image was so appealing across all spectrums of the German population because every German wanted change. They wanted to flourish and have some sense of stability within their lives. With Hitler’s charismatic leadership it was effortless for him to gain support from all corners of Germany with promises of bringing Germany into the light. In my personal understanding of the relationship between myth and history, I think a myth is what people thought was going on at the time and history is what actually happened. A myth I think represents the feelings and state of minds during that time, and history will explain what actually happened and why people were under certain influences at the time. Take for example Hitler, the majority of Germans were under the influence that Hitler had their best interest at heart and wanted everyone to escape economic turmoil, where in reality he was concerned with his own power and sculpting the next generation so that they were the ‘perfect race’. Myths and history go hand in hand, it’s just deciphering which is reality.