This past week in Dresden, Germany, eight members of the so-called Freital Group went on trial for the attempted murders and attacks of refugees in 2015. Additionally, the group targets leftist organizations and has caused over 500 injuries using explosives. Of the eight on trial, the sole female member has confessed to participating in the attacks while the men have remained silent, raising interesting questions about gender roles and treatment under German law. The members are between 19 and 39 years of age, which I personally found intriguing because any remaining Germans from the Nazi era would be much older than that. These younger folk may have been educated and indoctrinated with Nazi beliefs from older Germans, but even if not, I think it’s interesting to see how deeply seated certain beliefs and actions can be, even over such passage of time. Another point to evaluate is the event’s portrayal in the media. Instead of framing this as a fight for stricter borders or violent actions by a conservative group, the media definitively described this event as an attack by the far-right, reminding readers of the Nazi atrocities and horrors conducted against the political left.