Who is a Jew? This was the most daunting question of the Nazi regime and the answer to it was of detrimental importance to the livelihood of many citizens. What did it mean to be a Jew? The German State had a multitude of guidelines and principles to determine who is classified as Jew. The basic definition was ‘non-Aryan’. In my opinion these rules were bullshit and just a way for the German people to find blame in someone for their misfortunes, but regardless the majority of German citizens wholeheartedly believed within these difference rules.The basic premise of all of these rules was that Jews were a nuisance to society and had no benefit to German society. The ‘Jewish Question’ is basically the debate of the status and treatment of the recognized Jews within society. Some of the beginning actions of the isolation of Jews from society included, “German citizenship with full political rights depends on the special grant of a Reich citizenship charter, to be given only to those of German or racially related blood, who have proved by their attitude that they are willing and fit loyally to serve the German people and the Reich” (Moeller, 98). These policies more often than not contradicted the previous historical definitions within the German State. These accusations did not attempt to coincide with previous definitions and were only concerned with the current state of the German society and the current problem, which was Jews tainting society. One clear internal contradiction was the claim that Jews were able to be identified by the shape of their left ear. They claimed that every single Jew had the same left ear so they could be easily recognized by simply presenting their left ear. In Inge Deutschkron’s story she says, “My reaction was triggered by an absurd Nazi racial theory postulating that Jews’ left ears were indicative of the Semitic descent (Moeller, 104). It was clear that these accusations were complete crap. This is clearly false because religious affiliation has nothing to do with the shape of any body part. In an attempt to resolve this problem, the German administration tried to use “scientific” background where if you’re at least 75% Jewish, you will have that ear and you will be able to be recognized. This has no actual backing because physical attributions have nothing to do with religious affiliation, but the Nazi state made them as one. Religious affiliation and racial identity were one in the same so it was clear to them that if you were a Jew, you would have this type of ear and they would be able to identify you clearly. Basically it’s all bullshit.