When one googles the phrase “Trump Hitler” 32,300,000 results come up. Many on the far left, and even some moderate liberals, have compared the current POTUS with the leader of Nazi Germany. While the two individuals certainly have similarities, I feel strongly that Trump has not done anything nearly bad enough to warrant comparisons to one of history’s most genocidal killers. Trump and Hitler’s similarities should be noted however. Hitler was a demagogue who commanded large numbers of extremely loyal followers while Trump carries on this tradition with his populist alt-right message. Today, Trump has a cult of personality similar to that of Hitler during the 1930s and early 1940s. Finally, both leaders were seen as strongmen who could lead their respective countries on the right path again during their rises to power. However, these three characteristics have been characteristic of many leaders throughout history. For this reason, I believe that Trump-Hitler comparisons are overly dramatic. Though Trump has made many comments and in some cases, even pushed for laws that are sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and racist, he has not advocated for the crimes against humanity that Hitler wholeheartedly supported. Ultimately, it seems to me that by comparing someone to Hitler at a time when the comparison is not fully true, it will weaken the comparison at the times that it is most needed.