In class we talked about how the Nazis employed movies as a means of propaganda. In fact, Goebbels thought that film was the best form of propaganda and proceeded to preside over the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. We learned about movies such as The Eternal Jew or Jew Suss that portrayed Jews as these evil beings. The Nazis aimed to rival Hollywood with all the movies they put out. Since going to the movies was one of the favorite pastimes of the German people, and also a pastime outlawed for Jews, it was the perfect setting for propaganda. It also wasn’t confined to political speeches that could get tiring to listen to; instead it utilized drama and creativity to subliminally get their points across. Film as propaganda essentially combined entertainment and propaganda.

This kind of propaganda still exists as a method of unification and exclusion. A few years ago, there was uproar over showing the movie American Sniper for the way in portrayed Muslims. While the movie certainly has many aspects to it, it does have a strong nationalistic character to it and also makes no attempt to show that the Middle East isn’t just a war-torn area full of Muslim terrorists. Furthermore, the movie 13 Hours was an extremely nationalistic interpretation of the Benghazi incident and came out just as the election was unfolding. These movies don’t try to show factual evidence but attempt to hammer home the specific political views of the writers and directors.