We touched briefly on Japan during lecture, but I wanted to understand more about Hitler’s views on Japan, specifically about his opinions about the Asian race. After some research, it appears Hitler viewed East Asians, specifically Japanese and Chinese, as equals with the Nordic Aryans. He even bestowed the title of Honorary Aryan with the Japanese people because of their own pride in their race and also because of their military alliance with each other. Hitler also singled out the Chinese as worthy in some of his writings because of their own racial pride. Hitler sums up that thought by saying “I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own.”

While his respect for their histories and contributions to the world may have contributed to his positive views towards them, it’s likely the racial homogeneity that makes up Chinese and Japanese societies what really appealed to him. Very few outsiders have come to China and settled in its thousands year history, so the Chinese population is over 90% Han Chinese, the predominant ethnic Chinese group. Even the majority of minority groups in China come from Chinese origin, but maybe from a different province. Japan is even more homogenous, with close to 100% of its population comprising of pure Japanese people and has historically held a more negative view towards outsiders. Hitler’s ultimate goal for Germany was a homogenous society comprised of Nordic Aryans. China and Japan are therefore model racial societies he wants Germany to emulate.

There is also the fact that Japanese and Chinese people historically have a lot of racial pride in themselves. As was touched on in lecture, racial pride was the predominant reason why Japan went to war in Asia, which was to spread their ideas of racial superiority to other “unworthy” Asian peoples such as Filipinos, Southeastern Asians and even Chinese. This racial motive is ultimately what made it so easy for Germany to seek an alliance with Japan because both nations set out to conquer territories with similar goals in mind.