Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the General Election was a shocking blow to Democrats throughout the United States. The election, which pitted a thoughtful and experienced public servant against a brash and mercurial individual who had never held public office before, showed liberals, both moderate and far-left that their message and/or candidate did not resonate with voters. Clearly, the matter of finding a suitable presidential candidate changes every four years and is thus, quite dynamic, but the long-term positions of the party platform takes longer to reform. I believe that the Democratic Party has to change its platform to a more moderate stance if it wants to win the next Presidential election. As an avowed progressive and a registered Democrat, this declaration is not easy for me to make. However, I believe that it will be in the party’s and country’s best long-term interest if Democrats make small concessions now so that the country elects more Democratic politicians in the future. There are some issues that will serve to greatly expand the party’s base. Though I consider myself to be strongly pro-choice, softening the party platform  on the topic of abortion could win over many Catholic voters and help Democrats win more elections. Alternatively, Democrats could be less vocal (while still maintaining our current positions) about divisive social justice issues, to avoid the appearance of being “snowflakes”, “whiners”, and overtly sensitive people who complain for the sake of complaining. This does not mean that Democrats would cease or even restrain their commitment to equal oppourtunity, it merely means that Democrats would deemphasize the topic exclusively in our discourse. At the same time, Democrats should stress bipartisan issues, such as rebuilding infrastructure or properly taking care of veterans, to win over more votes to prevent Donald Trump or another candidate like him from from winning the next General Election. Though deemphasizing some of our positions may appear to some as being weak in the face of adversity, I am of the opinion that it is the most pragmatic way to elect leaders who will fight for the values that we believe to be right and true.