Throughout reading Primo Levi’s I was absorbed by Levi’s strength to survive which stems from his honest outlook at his reality. Rather than maintain an attitude that the war will eventually end, that his torturers will perish, Levi is honest from the beginning that his situation is tragic and may end with his death. He maintains a hopeful side that he may survive but it is often lost in his honest outlook. At the beginning of the novel, Levi says that, “clearly they will kill us, whoever thinks he is going to live is mad” (pg. 24). Here, Levi shows that survival is up to chance mixed with willpower. However, rather than despair and count the days until his doom he turns to the idea that simply living will be victory. He changes his viewpoint to show that everyday he lives is another loss for his enemies. His honesty never turns to apathy towards life but rather cherishing the idea of living past this terrible time. Additionally, I admire Levi’s strength to honestly recall the tragedy that took place in front of him. His recollection is not full with flamboyant descriptions but includes the facts of his time in Auschwitz, the divisions within the prisoners, and a communal struggle to survive.