In the Netherlands, a coloring book of historical figures was recalled after retailers and customers discovered an image of Hitler was included. The Dutch drugstore sold the color-by-numbers book for about half a day until social media posts by consumers alerted them to the controversial issue. Other notable historical figures such as Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln were included.

Although Hitler perpetrated mass murder and committed countless atrocities, he is still a noteworthy historical figure, for the scale of his horrific actions. It is important for children to be aware of his actions, to learn to recognize and criticize politics with which they disagree, but what is the correct medium for this instruction? I’m not sure a coloring book is ideal to teach children about the Nazis and Holocaust, but what would be better alternatives to instructing children on these issues? At what age does it become appropriate to teach children about the horrors committed by Hitler? Yes, publishing and selling a coloring book with a Hitler image trivializes his horribleness, but teaching young children about Hitler and how to think critically about the government is important to developing democracy for the future.

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