Yesterday we saw another example of stamping the Hitler name on something to call it bad as Sean Spicer, the United States Press Secretary compared Hitler to the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. When discussing the civil war in Syria, Spicer argued that Assad was worse than Hitler, who in our society is portrayed as the ultimate evil. These historical comparisons are inaccurate because they do not adequately portray the events of the time or the causes. When understanding the cause of Hitler’s rise or Assad’s apparent power, it is unfair to draw a comparison and history should reflect independent study of how these terrible leaders rose to power. History should reflect independent studies of how these men can wield such power over their people.

In addition to making the comparison Spicer argued the al-Assad is a worse leader and my tyrannical than Hitler and mistakenly said that Assad was using chemical weapons against his own people while even Hitler refrained. After the media scolded him for his harmful misinformation, Spicer retracted his comparison but not before making several historical inaccuracies. He said that Hitler never used chemical weapons and that the conflict in Syria was surly worse than Hitler’s misdeeds. While his remarks were unprepared, spreading this misinformation further shows why our class is important. The entire public needs to be able to accurately understand atrocities when and why they occur. A concentration camp, because of the inhumanity that occurred, should never be referred to as a “Holocaust center”